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When your skin becomes sensitive, you will find natural cosmetics.
 The pros and cons of each ingredient are known,
and many people are interested in ingredients and additives,
so the awareness of natural cosmetics made
of natural ingredients without any cautionary ingredients is growing.
 So, today, I would like to introduce a natural cosmetic brand
with high customer satisfaction by boldly discarding harmful ingredients that cause skin troubles
or aging and providing pure health to the skin with good ingredients.

The first natural cosmetic brand is Bonajour,
a natural cosmetic brand that means being born anew from nature.

What is Bonajour?
 Bonajour, the CEO of Bonajour, started making and using cosmetics himself due to
 his sensitive skin from a young age.
 All Bonajour products are made with natural ingredients, and you can even find vegan cosmetics
 that have been officially certified as vegan by the British Vegan Society, an old representative
 vegan organization that is difficult to obtain under strict standards.
 For reference, in order to be certified by the Vegan Society, you must not use any animal testing
 and raw materials derived from animals.
 So, let's take a look at the safe and healthy natural cosmetic Bonajour products.

Natural Cosmetics I brought 3 representative products from Bonajour cosmetics.
 From Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm, which is good for any skin type all year round,
to Peptide Water Balm suitable for oily skin with a fresh and moist finish,
and a glowing cream that provides radiance and moisture to dry skin.
 All three products are natural cosmetics made with minimal ingredients,
excluding chemical ingredients, and are vegan-certified vegan beauty cosmetics.

Of the three products, the natural cosmetic product that editors are using well these days is
 Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm! This famous product recommended by director Pie,
 who analyzes and introduces products with good ingredients.
 With green tea extract from Boseong, Jeollanam-do, it goes deep into the skin!
 Not only does it provide moisture,
but it also boasts a clean application without stickiness with zero harmful ingredients,
so the more you apply it, the more satisfied you feel.
 On days with sensitive skin, there is no irritation even when used,
 so nature-derived goodness!
 If you want a moisturizing cream Recommend to try it.

The second natural cosmetic brand is Isoi, which is made with 100% natural ingredients
and is the first domestic brand to acquire the EWG mark, which makes it more reliable.

What is ISOI?
 Isoi, a brand that uses only natural ingredients under the principle of never adding suspected
 harmful chemical ingredients, makes products closest to nature.
 It is also famous as a brand that creates products by closely monitoring the cultivation of
 ingredients, manufacturing and distribution to find the best balance that produces
 the best effect.
 If so, let's find out together what kind of product isoi natural cosmetics made for
 the purpose of hypoallergenic skin by excluding the bad ingredients.

Of the natural cosmetics isoi products,
I have brought you three products that are full of real reviews.
 All three products are made with unique natural ingredients,
 so customer satisfaction is GOOD.

In particular, ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum II is the editor's favorite blemish serum.
 Not your regular rose oil!
 With the differentiated product power of ISOI that uses natural Bulgarian rose oil as
 a cosmetic ingredient, it is effective for pigment diseases such as freckles.
 As it is a high price, the effect is of course a good product!
 If you want to experience mild blemish care, try it.

The third natural cosmetic brand is Sidmool, a natural beauty natural cosmetic brand
 with the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, composed of good ingredients
 that consider skin health as the copy light of “the hometown of the skin”.
 It is also a brand with a strong mind that opposes animal testing with love for animals.

What is a Sidmool?
 The Sidmool natural cosmetics brand started when the CEO made natural cosmetics for her mother.
The case or container may feel a bit plain or rustic,
but with the belief and philosophy that cosmetic ingredients are the best, only ingredients!
It is a brand that focuses only on.
 With the goal of 100% customer satisfaction at all times,
the subsidiary not only takes charge of product manufacturing,
but also displays all ingredients in cosmetics for customer trust,
and sells a total of more than 200 diverse product groups by function, concern, and ingredient.


Sidmool natural cosmetic products are equally popular,
 but with the natural ingredients Centella Asiatica and tea tree leaf water,
 they are excellent items for soothing sensitive skin. Tea Tree Essential,
 these three are the best-selling products of Sidmool.


In the case of Sidmool Centella Goose Spot Cream, it is a natural cosmetic made with
 functional cosmetics with natural ingredients at the request of customers to re-launch
 Sidmool's word of mouth spot product as a functional cosmetic.
 You can manage it for spot care without worry by using 100% of the
 Since it is made with natural ingredients and can be used safely by babies and
 pregnant women, it is recommended as a natural cosmetic spot cream product
 if you want to enjoy skin soothing quickly!

The fourth natural cosmetics brand is Aromatica,
a brand that introduces safe and efficacy-oriented cosmetics under the slogan,
“Let’s be beautiful with peace of mind!”

What is Aromatica?
 Aromatica, a natural cosmetic product, is a good brand that introduces clean beauty,
and is also registered on the list of good companies selected by 'Kara',
an animal protection civic group against animal testing.
 Besides, 'Vegan Society' certification, of course!
Products that have received natural organic finished product certification and
EWG ingredient certification were also introduced,
and the belief that items can be found in each category has also increased.

Among the natural cosmetics Aromatica products, these 3 products are the most popular!
 All three products are made of organic and natural ingredients,
 so they are suitable for use as natural cosmetics to protect sensitive skin.

Among the three products, Aromatica Organic Aloe Vera Gel is a natural cosmetic
that is perfect to use in the summer like now. Ecocert organic certified Aloe Vera
 Because it contains 95%, it is good to use as a soothing item for deeper moisture and
reddened skin caused by the hot sunlight.
 It is a mild natural cosmetic aloe vera gel that has been tested for hypoallergenicity and
can be used by the whole family without any worries.

The last natural cosmetic brand to introduce is Papa Recipe,
a natural cosmetic brand that goes on an adventure wherever there are good raw materials
with a nature-friendly lifestyle motif.

What is Papa Recipe?
 Papa recipe, made of natural cosmetics,
is a cosmetic that her father made while thinking of his daughter as the brand name suggests.
 It is a natural cosmetic brand that is not only made with the right recipe
for the skin based on honest and safe ingredients with cosmetics made by my father,
but also has become more and more popular through word of mouth on social media at the best price.

Natural cosmetics Papa Recipe offers a variety of products for each line.
 Among them, the eggplant line and the Bombi line are the most popular for children in sales.
 They do not contain unnecessary ingredients and contain natural ingredients such as
 eggplant extract, honey extract, and propolis extract for sensitive skin. Skin is also OK.
 You can only see the good effects of each ingredient as it is.

Among them, the natural cosmetic Bombi Honey Complex Mask Pack has already been
 well-received by word of mouth, reaching 800 million cumulative sales.
 A mask pack that is often used when you need quick moisture replenishment
 because the natural moisturizing ingredients propolis extract and
 honey extract fill the rough skin with moisture.
 The sheet also uses a thin nude sheet to increase the adhesion,
 so it is a mask pack made of natural ingredients that has good skin absorption with
 good ingredients.

So far, we introduce natural cosmetic brands with high customer satisfaction that are made
 from natural ingredients without any cautionary ingredients,
 and each brand briefly introduces their products.
 In particular, in the case of sensitive skin,
 cosmetics containing artificial chemicals can be toxic to the skin because
 they react sensitively to even the slightest stimulus.
 How about taking care without irritation through natural cosmetics?