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I recommend hand cream that smells good.

These days, I am interested in hand care products such as hand sanitizers and hand cream as I wash my hands frequently due to COVID-19. When choosing hand cream, moisturizing is important, but wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone if the scent is good? These days, there are many hand creams that have a good scent enough to use hand creams instead of perfumes. So I prepared it. A collection of fragrant hand creams full of sensibility that can pretend to be skin as well as moist and fresh moisture.


Let’s reveal four types of scented hand creams that we’re going to recommend today! W Dressroom Perfume Hand Cream, Tambourins Perfume Hand Cream, Stopping Melting Hand Cream, and Huxley Moroccan Gardner Hand Cream. I’ll tell you in detail the scent and stickiness of four types of hand creams that can be cosplay with skin smell!



#Soft cotton-scented hand cream

W.dressroom Perfume Handcream No.97 50ml
The first hand cream to introduce is W Dressroom Perfume Hand Cream No.97 50ml. There are a total of nine types of scent of W Dressroom hand cream, and the editor chose the No.97 April Cotton scent, which is the essence of cotton scent.

It is a citrus musk combination hand cream that embraces the freshness of vanilla with a soft and sweet scent, so you can feel the dry and refreshing scent of warm sunshine and soft fibers? It was a hand cream that felt like it was surrounded by a cozy blanket.


W.dressroom Perfume Handcream No.97 <Texture>
The formulation of the W Dressroom hand cream was as soft as butter. When I applied the W Dressroom hand cream, it was less sticky, but it was applied with a moisturizing feeling, so it was soft on the outside and moist on the inside.



W.dressroom Perfume Handcream No.97 <Stickiness Test>
Stickiness tests were conducted to prove that dry on the outside and moist on the inside. Immediately after applying the hand cream, some strofoam balls were attached because of the moist moisture, but when I tested the stickiness of the hand cream again five minutes later, it was absorbed quickly and hardly stuck.



#Comfortable fig-scented hand cream

Tamburins Perfume Hand FEY9 40ml
The second product I’m going to introduce is Tambourines Perfume Hand FEY9 Hand Cream. Tambourins Perfume Hand Cream is a new hand cream from the Tambourins brand, and its shell-shaped package, which is different from the existing Tambourins hand cream, was impressive.

Editor chooses the sweet and bitter FEY9 scent of fig trees and embret seeds! The scent of Tambourines hand cream FEY9 is a harmony of restrained fig scent, embret seed and ember scent. It is a mature-scented hand cream that leaves a deep aftertaste and feels mature.


Tamburins Perfume Hand FEY9 <Texture>
Tambourins Hand Cream is a moisturizing formulation that is easily absorbed with light application and is good for frequent use.



Tamburins Perfume Hand FEY9 <Stickiness Test>
Tambourines hand cream can also be seen with some strofoam balls attached due to its moist moisture, but when I tested the stickiness of the hand cream again five minutes later, it was absorbed quickly and hardly stuck to the strofoam balls.



#Cozy soap-scented hand cream

MUMCHIT Melting Hand Cream Soft Blue Soap 50ml
The third product I’m going to introduce is the Hesitant Melting Hand Cream. Hesitant hand cream is inexpensive, but it is recommended in terms of cost-effectiveness due to its high quality scent.

The editor chose a soft blue soap-scented hand cream that is good to use regardless of gender among the four scents of the hesitant hand cream. The scent of hesitant hand cream and soft blue soap is a soft soap scent that feels cozy and can be said to be a hand cream containing soap itself, not a clumsy soap scent.


MUMCHIT Melting Hand Cream Soft Blue Soap <Texture>
The formulation of the hesitant hand cream had a melting formulation that felt moisture. When I applied the hesitant hand cream, it was a hand cream that spread smoothly and thinly, giving off a refreshing and cool finish.



MUMCHIT Melting Hand Cream Soft Blue Soap <Stickiness Test>
Immediately after applying the hand cream, the hesitant hand cream was also made of a melting formulation, and due to the moist moisture film, many cheeks were bound to stick together. After 5 minutes, I tested the stickiness of hand cream and found that it’s less sticky than right after. I was able to check.



#Moroccan Garden Scented Hand Cream

Huxley Hand Cream Morocan Gardender 30ml
The last product I want to introduce is Huxley Morokan Gardner Hand Cream. It is a hand cream from the emotional Huxley brand, and you can feel Huxley’s unique sensibility from the package.

The editor chose the Huxley signature scent, the Moroccan Gardner-scented hand cream. The scent of Huxley’s hand cream and Moroccan Gardner, as you can feel from the name Moroccan Gardner, flowers and trees came to the Moroccan garden in harmony. Hand cream with a proral scent.


Huxley Hand Cream Morocan Gardender <Texture>
The Huxley hand cream was a velvet hand cream with a slight matte appearance from the first application. When I applied the Huxley hand cream, I could feel a little matte, but it is a hand cream that feels smooth and applied evenly with a flexible rolling feeling.



Huxley Hand Cream Morocan Gardender <Stickiness Test>
Both immediately after applying Huxley hand cream and after absorption, the strofoam balls hardly stuck. The texture is matte. Since it’s a hand cream with a velvet texture, it was absorbed quickly without oily or residual feeling and felt dry.



Handcream Review

The editor tried and compared the scent, applicability, and stickiness of four famous hand cream items that come to mind when thinking of hand cream. All of the hand creams introduced today are hardly sticky, so it's good for daily use, so let's find fragrant hand creams that suit each person's taste and deceive everyone pretending to be flesh-smelling!