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This winter To fit your personal color.

Do makeup!

hese days, it is essential to wear make-up in a color that matches the 'personal color' that each person has.


If you are familiar with personal colors, but do not pay attention to personal colors or do not know well when applying makeup, please pay attention to today's content.


Personal color is largely divided into two tones, warm tone and cool tone, and in detail, by adding the season color in front, it is divided into spring warm tone, summer cool tone, autumn warm tone, and winter cool tone.


Let's take a brief look at personal colors.



It is a tone with a fresh and warm feeling that comes to mind when you think of 'spring'.

Bright and bright colors with high brightness and warm feeling are the main ones, and it is a lovely image that is cute and lively and goes well with light colors.





It is a tone that feels the refreshing and cool feeling of 'summer'.

Fresh bright colors with high brightness and low saturation are predominant, and go well with colors with a gray base in tone.





It is a warm tone that reminds of the reddish leaves of 'autumn'.

It is mainly a dark, warm color with a warm feeling, and goes well with the brown color.





It is a tone with a chic and cold feeling of 'winter'.

Vivid colors with low saturation and bluish colors are predominant, and strong primary colors go well with them.


Now that we've looked at personal colors briefly, let's find out about makeup colors and recommended makeup products by tone!




The spring warm tone of the personal color is a tone that feels warm overall, and the representative color is a yellow primary color or pastel tone color.

It goes well with soft and bright colors, giving it a lively and cute feeling.

Coral or vivid colors are good for spring warm tones.

A light hair color suits you better, and a light make-up suits you better than a dark smokey make-up.

Among the personal colors, representative celebrities for spring warm tones are Park Min-young and Suzy.


Spring warm tones are good for warm colors, so bright colors go well with them.

Rather than matte colors, shimmer or glossy colors go well with each other, and you can use glitter to accentuate them.


Eye makeup

Choose a color of medium brightness.

High-brightness colors can make you look rich if used incorrectly.

If you make use of color tones, you can further emphasize the charm of spring warm tones.



A bright and warm orange color is recommended.

Vivid orange and crimson red can be used to create a lively look.

A blush with gold or champagne pearls goes well with spring warm tones.


Lip makeup

Orange-red or coral colors go well with it.

It is recommended to use vivid and high-saturation colors rather than dull and dark colors.

A glossy and moist creamy lip product is better than a matte one.



The summer cool tones of personal colors range from pastel tones to calm low-saturation tones that express a subtle atmosphere well, and cool grayish colors or pink beige are representative colors.

It has a bright and transparent pink skin tone, and a refreshing and clear image stands out.

If you use a prominent color, you can give a point to your makeup.

Pastel tones without yellow tones or natural black hair suits them well.

Hair color with a yellow base or smokey makeup is not recommended.

Among the personal colors, representative celebrities with cool tones in summer are Taeyeon and Kim Tae-ri.

Personal color summer cool tones are best suited for natural 'Koo-An-Coo Makeup'.

By matching it with your natural skin tone, you can emphasize the transparent and clear feeling unique to summer cool tones.


*Ku-An-Koo makeup: Natural makeup that focuses on skin expression and gives light points

Eye makeup

It is recommended to use a neutral color as a base and layer it with a low-brightness color.

In order not to lose the transparent feeling, please refrain from excessively shaded makeup. You can use a variety of glitters, but be careful with the gold-colored glitter.

When using glitter with large particles, it is good to use it only on the area you want to give points.



Pastel pink and lavender colors go well together.

If you have red skin, you need to be careful when using a blush with high saturation.

To preserve the white and transparent feeling, it is good to use only the amount that the color rises softly.


Medium to high saturation is recommended.

A matte MLLB color is also a good choice.

If you use a matte lip and a moist lip rather than a glossy one, you can bring out the cool summer tone well, and it is very good if you use a lip color to highlight it.



The autumn warm tone of personal color is a tone that feels heavy and deep yellow based on yellow like the spring warm tone, and can handle almost all colors except pastel and vivid colors.

You can create an atmosphere with colors that are slightly lower in brightness and saturation.

When it comes to makeup, there are almost no restrictions on color or particle size, so you can create a variety of looks.

Brown hair color and makeup go well together.

The black hair color and blue-based makeup are awkward.

Among the personal colors, representative celebrities with autumn warm tones are Han Ye-seul and Jennie.

The autumn warm tone of personal color allows you to use a variety of textures and colors without any restrictions on makeup products.

If you mix brown-based colors, you can bring out a mature and intellectual feeling.

Eye makeup

If you use a palette composed of brown color, you can create a successful eye makeup.

If you layer the shades with brown color, the subtle feeling comes alive.



Peach colors or highly saturated brick red, brick & deep brown colors are available.

Depending on the color you use, it can give you a variety of feelings, so you can choose a product according to your taste as long as it is not too brightly colored.



If you use a color with high saturation, you can give it a splendid feeling, and if you use a dark color with low saturation, you can create a calm and luxurious atmosphere.

We recommend a tone down soft MLBB lip or a color such as peach brown.



The winter cool tone of the personal color is a bright pink tone with a chic feeling, and black, white, and vivid colors go well together.

All black or all white is the best personal color, and light makeup, red lip, hot pink or burgundy colors go well together, and orange-based makeup doesn't go well with it.

When she wears black hair and black clothes, her shiny white skin and red lips stand out.

However, since the colors that go well together are strong colors, the image can look strong.

Among the personal colors, the representative celebrities with winter cool tones are Sunmi and Hyuna.

The winter cool tone of personal color goes well with vivid colors.

Violet and burgundy colors are the best, but they have the narrowest range of colors that can be used, so you may have fewer color products when applying makeup.

Eye makeup

It goes well with colorful glitter or dark colored shading makeup.

If you use burgundy or charcoal color, you can create a bright white skin that stands out.



Choose a clear, white milky color, or recommend a clear color.

Alternatively, you can use dark colors to create a calming feeling.

If you have reddened skin, it is not bad to boldly omit it for a chic image.



If you use cherry red or fuchsia colors, you can give a lovely feeling, and if you mix purple, plum and red colors, you can create a modern and luxurious atmosphere.

So far, I have looked into personal colors and even looked at makeup colors and products that fit my personal colors.

If you didn't take your personal color into consideration when doing your usual makeup, let's refer to today's personal color content and try makeup with a color product that matches your personal color well. You will be able to create a natural yet standout makeup.