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In "Emily Goes to Paris Season 2"
A gorgeous Parisian that you want to follow
fashion collection

A collection of gorgeous Parisian fashions you want to follow in <Emily, Going to Paris Season 2>

Netflix original drama
<Emily in Paris Season 2>
The appearance of Emily, who is full of charm even in the teaser! 

Still more colorful and splendid than before
The appearance of Emily fully armed was like that.
I couldn't be happy.

And following season 1, Emily's outfit
It was something I was very much looking forward to.

Emily's outfit is the character's lively and
Style it to reflect your bold personality.
She doesn't follow trends.
She's the magic of being a trend when she does.

Emily is in green, yellow and red
With striking colors and patterns
Expressing her her from the United States of her
She sets it apart from the more neuter French.

Emily Cooper

It boasts an unconventional story
like a Netflix original drama and Emily's unique charm.

It is a drama that shows the sincerity of love, friendship,
and his career in Paris, the city of romance.

She doesn't speak French, but when it comes to marketing,
she doesn't know where Emily's confident Emily will go.
A brief introduction to Emily. 

 Emily Cooper 
Emily, who worked for a marketing company in Chicago,
was assigned to the Paris branch 'Sivoir' for one year and had an interesting life
in France (Paris).
A lovely stranger in Paris, Emily Cooper.
She represents a confident and attractive woman in her 20s.
Emily is an honest and confident woman.
With her unique positive energy and wit, she seems to be liked by everyone,
but not to everyone (?)

Emily in the drama is loveliness itself.
She always drives her case, but she can't help but love her sense.

The colorful styling catches the eye and even an interesting story!
I'm already waiting for season 3.

Let's take a look back at the colorful styling that appeared in season 2 before that.

Emily Fashion in <Emily in Paris Season 2>

Emily pursues a glamorous and intense style.
It appears as Emily's own, not the Parisian as we know it.

Thanks to her, she gives birth to a new look and color Parisian styling.
How interesting is the main character in the drama?

<Emily, Let's Go to Paris Season 2>, which has become more colorful, is said to contain hidden meanings in the colorful colors!

Let's take a peek at Emily's fashion together. 

Again, the first scene of episode 1 starts with Emily running.

It is a scene suggesting the appearance of a marketer
who also maintains her self-management.

A striking hot pink nylon sports jacket, an unfooted tank top,
and black leggings were combined.

Again, the strong color shows Emily's character.

<Emily Going to Paris Season 1> also wore intense sportswear,
so let's try on Emily's style sportswear.

We also tried to complete the lookbook with items worth trying.

I suggest it to those of you who can't give up style even when exercising. 

 product info 

② The Upside 
Mallorca Sandy Sports Bra ₩86,000 
 ③ Andar 
Airweam Brushed Genie Signature Leggings ₩39,000 
④ Nike 
Revolution 6 Next Nature (eco-friendly material) ₩69,000 
⑤ Apple 
AirPods Pro ₩329,000 

Emily also shows her firm character in the company.

Her outfits attract attention as much as her personality, and she watched with excitement as there were many looks that she wanted to follow throughout the drama.

But there is a hidden secret here!
That is, when Emily is busy with her work or is in trouble, green items appear in large numbers. 

In the drama, whenever you go out to an office or a meeting, green items always appear.
It is a color that gives a glimpse into Emily's psychology.

The more anxious Emily's psychological state is, the more green items she sees.

Using a lot of patterns can make your eyes look dizzy, but is there any marketer who is more flashy than this?

Among them, what drew my heart were the attractive green jackets that appeared every time.
I remember looking around for a green jacket I had never tried before. 

Like Emily, I tried to complete a gorgeous office look according to my feelings.

She fell in love with Green, and it gave her a new perspective on Green. 

Product info 

① Gucci
Light GG canvas double-breasted jacket ₩4,500,000 
② Miu Miu
Knit Top Logo Logo Knit Top 321952 Multi F0009 ₩1,420,000 
③ Sandro
Wool Boucle Mini Skirt Mini Skirt ₩463,000 
Leather Bag Small Green Leather ₩979,000 
⑤ Prada
Satin pumps with crystal embellishments ₩1,780,000 

Emily also has a sense of brilliance when she is with her friends.

Costumes featuring the characters of each of their friends are one of the highlights.

It is also great fun to see her various looks, from Minda, Camille, and Sylvie.

Let's pay attention to Emily's styling, which is flawless when drinking tea with her friends, traveling, or going to a party. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Friend gathering Look

When I am with my friends, I see a lot of red.
It is the perfect color to express positive energy.

Also, wear clothes that look more comfortable than when you are at work.

If you dare to set a boundary, if you are wearing a jacket at the company, you boldly take off the jacket when you leave the company and complete the styling with a layered crop top.

Let's take a look at Emily's outfit, which mixes a lot of primary colors among her friends. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Friend gathering Look

I tried to complete the coordination with items
that express her loveliness and increase her activity.

I tried to imitate her styling using a lot of unusual materials. 

product info 

Raincoat  ₩1,529,900 
Knit tube top  ₩29,000 
③ Moschino
Lettering logo fleece shorts  ₩643,000 
④ Prada
Reedition sequinned nylon mini bag  ₩2,140,000 
OFF-WHITE™ C/O  ₩1,248,200 

<Emily in Paris 2> Date Look

Emily doubles in loveliness when dating.

She is one of the high-ranking singers that shows her unique fluttering point.

Emily, who is complicated by a love triangle,
has another girlfriend, and Emily's appearance next to her looks quite different and comfortable. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Date Look

When Emily is with the opposite sex, you can get a glimpse of the styling that reveals her attractive legs and clavicle.

She and she also love to wear Mary Jane shoes that stand out for their loveliness.
And yellow items that always appear when love begins.

When your heart is full of excitement, it is expressed in yellow..
It seems so great.

And even when wearing a neutral jacket, the layered clothes are armed with lovely colors, so how can men not come over?

Let's follow her confident and honest dating look. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Date Look

product info 

Linen blend dot dress  ₩59,000 
Horsebit fancy knit cardigan  ₩429,000 
Cleo brushed leather mini bag  ₩2,930,000 
④ Barbara
Mary Jane flat BBE515BK  ₩188,000 
[La Valse] Wool beret_Yellow  ₩55,000 

<Emily in Paris 2> Party Look

A party not to be missed for Emily!
She also stands out at the party.

See Emily expressing herself intensely to fit her own character.

She also got the feeling that her eyes were sparkling after seeing the fashion that achromatic colors are plentiful these days.

How smart she is and how well she can express herself was also portrayed.

Where did you get such an item?
The desire to go and ask questions in person arises. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Party Look

Wear clothes with sequins or large accessories to protect your body.

Instead of burying themselves in splendor, it makes them stand out more.

The slender body is made more abundant, and the hair style is made in an up style to make the features stand out even more.

Even though she is decorated to the fullest, her loveliness is not hidden.

Let's learn how to style smart Emily. 

<Emily in Paris 2> Party Look

With a sequin dress as the center, I tried matching fur that added luxury.
And in order to secure a slender body,
I tried to distract attention with accessories. 

product info 

① Balmain
Sequin-embellished dress  ₩7,352,000 
② 마레이1998
Eklonis Faux Fur Coat - Beige  $985.00 
Fringe sequinned crossbody bag  ₩49,000 
④ Gucci
Women's Horsebit Mid Heel Ankle Boots  ₩1,830,000 
⑤ Tiffany & CO.
Elsa Peretti™ Small Bone Cuff 18K Rose Gold  ₩20,000,000 

It was time to get a glimpse of Emily's styling.
She fell in love with the drama and it made her want to do everything she did.
Her smart styling tailored to various TPOs!
There were some outfits that were too patterned or difficult to follow, but I recommend trying out the outfits in our own way.

I hope that <Emily Goes to Paris Season 3> returns soon, and I will try to run the drama once more.
(Look and see)

I hope we can all be like Emily who can be proud of work, love, and anything else.

"You are always lovely."