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Seoul's unique dating course,
Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam

Seoul's unique dating course, Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam

February 11 GRAND OPEN
Address ㅣ 14-1, Seolleung-ro 158-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Time ㅣ ALL WEEK! AM11:30 - PM8:30

The Simmons Grocery Store, a 'bedless bed brand pop-up store', will open in Cheongdam on February 11th. The Simmons Grocery Store, part of Simmons' socializing project that connects regions and people, based on the local community, is a pop-up store that arouses many people's curiosity with the space and program composition of a completely unexpected concept every time.

As the Simmons Grocery Store was counted as a holy place for life shots and a hot place in Haeundae, Busan last year and was visited a lot, attention is focused on how local culture will be delivered in Cheongdam, the mecca of Gangnam.


Special concept gift shop

Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam 1st floor: Special concept gift shop

On the first floor of the Simmons Grocery Store in Cheongdam, you can find a goodies shop full of the mood of a Shaqu Terry shop.

The Charcuterie Shop is a meat-processed food store that can be found mainly in Europe, etc.

As a brand called a color craftsman, it presents a variety of goods with soul in the goods package and display.


The 'Socializing' project can also be found in the gift shop on the first floor of the Simmons Grocery Store in Cheongdam, and offers a unique experience of purchasing Icheon rice in the middle of Cheongdam-dong by beautifully packaging Icheon's representative rice.

In addition, there is an opportunity to collect items in various fields such as clothing, food, stationery, and daily necessities. Inside, there is a space for the Shaqu Terry shop and a space for differentiated collaboration goods, so it is recommended to look around every nook and cranny.


Busan's representative local burger shop

A representative handmade burger brand that could only be found in Busan, Burger Shop, can also be found at Apgujeong Rodeo. It seems that the interior and taste of the burger shop in Haedan-gil, Busan, has been transferred as it is, because it is the only place in Seoul where you can find a burger shop through Simmons' socializing project.

As retro sensibility and perfect taste and visuals are added, it seems only a matter of time to rise to the top-class rankings of Dosan Park and Apgujeong Rodeo Hot Place, which are full of 'hip' F&B commercial districts. Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam is recommended as a unique dating course in Seoul, as it is a place full of taste and fashion that people of all ages can enjoy.


Simmons Grocery Cheongdam 2nd Floor: Basketball Court Photo Zone

If you go out to the garden terrace past the burger shop, you will find a basketball court, an ambitious work of 'Simmons Studio'. This space is optimized as a photo zone and performance zone, and it is said that it will be used as a background for various contents and spread out in all directions.


Note that after taking a photo here, you can also receive a print service through a hashtag event!


3F 'Oddly Satisfying Video : Digital Artwork Exhibition
Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam 3rd floor: Oddley Satisfying Video

'Oddly Satisfying Video : Oddley Satisfying Video' is a new brand campaign in 2022 launched by Simmons, who always plans brand campaigns with a different concept, in the post-corona era.

The above exhibition with the theme of 'Strangely Satisfying' is from 'Mental Health', which delivers messages of healing and healing while leading the 'hitting mung' trend of doing nothing and not thinking about anything. It is said that the campaign started with inspiration.


In today's busy and busy society, this special exhibition delivers a time of 'healing' and 'healing' to those who are weary of daily life by giving them a moment to do nothing. It is a special digital art that you can do.

It consists of 8 digital art pieces, and 'Sing-Sing Studio', a famous art director duo based in LA, who first introduced the 'Bedless Bed Advertisement' in 2019, participated in the production.

Simmons Grocery Store Cheongdam is scheduled to operate for one year and is expected to emerge as a holy place for Apgujeong attractions, Apgujeong Rodeo date course, and Gangnam date course.