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Five styling of five editors
hat product image-S1L1

The hat makes the styling complete.
It has become a basic item that everyone has one.
Among them, it's known as a famous hat restaurant.
The MLB hat and the ANTI MERIDIEM hat!

Today, I like clothes and hats.
One day one editors...
It's sporty and casual. It's a hat from MELB.
It's a minimal and simple anti-medium hat.
Each of them tried five different styles.

Editor. AYEON
hat charcoal color image-S1L2
The first hat I'm going to introduce is...
Out of the ANTI MERIDIEM hat and the MLB hat,
The first styling using the ANTI MERIDIEM hat!

Among ANTI MERIDIEM signature logo ball cap,
It's a luxurious black color.

The neon embroidery logo is the highlight. 
I chose a hat and styled it.

hat model image-S1L3
With the ANTI MERIDIEM hat.
Editor J, who showed off his chic all-black outfit!
When you want to give a modern vibe,
It is said that he prefersANTI MERIDIEM hats to MLB hats.

It's good to have a uniform tone,
For a look that could make you bored.
The neon logo embroidery on the ANTI MERIDIEM hat...
with a stylish point Girl crush all-black styling has been completed.

It has a stable fit that wraps around the head. 
It's comfortable to wear for a long time.
Editor J made an ANTI MERIDIEM hat, not a MLB hat, 
Another reason why I like it!

With a simple design and trendy fit,
I don't know which hat to buy.
If you're going to add a new daily hat to your closet,
This is the recommended ANTI MERIDIEM hat.
hat charcoal color image-S1L4
hat charcoal color image-S1L5
The next hat I'm going to introduce is...
Twill Coopers ball cap. New York Yankees' MLB hat.

It has a color contrasting with standard black.
New York Yankees' embroidered logo stands out.
It's a MLB hat.

This hat is...
It's big enough to cover most of the head.
For those who felt pressured to try a ball cap,
It's a perfect MLB hat.
hat model image-S1L6
Introducing Editor P's romantic feminine look that adds casualness 
with MLB hats.

I'm wearing a sporty black MLB hat.
match the same monotone item
It's a feminine look.
Editor P who has completed a fashionable style!

Casual MLB hats can also be matched in various styles.
hat model image-S1L7
hat charcoal color image-S1L8
Since I introduced the MLB hat, the next hat is...
Let's meet the ANTI MERIDIEM hat.

It's a navy color that doesn't stand out.
Overall, a neat white logo hat stands out.

It's different from a casual MLB hat.
Simple and neat charm.

Like the black hat I introduced earlier,
You can match various looks without difficulty.
hat model image-S1L9
L is a clever editor who matches navy and beige colors.
It is a simple yet sophisticated semi-formal look style.

ANTI MERIDIEM caps are cleaner than MLB caps.
It goes well with a casual look, 
but especially with a semi-formal look that looks neat and modern.

If you're worried about styling before going to work every morning,
Why don't you try a trendy style by matching 
a shirt with pants and a hat like Editor L?
hat product image-S1L10
hat navy blue color image-S1L11
Next, I will introduce MLB hat.

There are small logo embroidery on the front.
There are 3D MLB Heritage logo embroidery on the back.
When I wear an MLB hat,

according to the reflection of light when worn
I can feel the subtle gloss.
It's a blue MLB hat.
hat model image-S1L12
Editor H is wearing an MLB hat. 
It was as if I had come out comfortably in front of the house.
The style showed casual attire that never missed.

Natural training setting and warm crop padding.
It's a refreshing and charming blue MLB hat 
that's perfect for a mile of wear. 

This is a prominent MLB hat.
It's cool and natural.
Editor H who completed casual styling!
hat navy blue color image-S1L13
hat orange color image-S1L14
Following the MLB hat, 
the company will also introduce a 
ANTI MERIDIEM smile ball cap orange hat.

He showed the existence of a definite hat.
If you want to create a unique style, 
I recommend an ANTI MERIDIEM hat.

The vivid color is enough to attract attention.
It's bright in summer and can be specially made in winter.
hat model image-S1L15
It's a lovely and natural street look from editor S.
Let me introduce you to styling.

The free hip-hop vibe that street looks give us.
It's like a tomboy from a hat.
Styling that you can see at once.

It's trendy and unique at the same time.
Thanks to the bright ANTI MERIDIEM hat,
It even has the effect of brightening the skin tone.
It was the ANTI MERIDIEM hat I had.
hat detail image-S1L16
hat product image-S1L17
It's an MLB hat and an ANTI MERIDIEM hat.
I've seen all the onedayone editor style.

ANTI MERIDIEM. Wearing MLB hats.
You can see various styles of hats.
the trendy styling of editors.
It was a fun time for my eyes to enjoy it.

Which editor's style did you like?
Out of MLB hat and ANTI MERIDIEM hat,
Please leave a comment about your favorite style.