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Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter
Isn't 'moisture cream' one of the essential basic items for our skin care?

In the changing seasons and winter, if you need a moisturizing cream because you feel dry due to the rapid temperature difference and cold,
In summer, it is essential because the skin is dry from the hot sun.

Moisturizing cream for daily use.
If you are thinking about a product, pay attention to today's content!
I will introduce the BEST5 moisturizing cream from drugstore LOBS
that editors love.

Designer. PARK MI HYUN

The first recommended moisturizing cream I met at LOHBS is a natural cosmetic brand made up of good ingredients that have even been certified as vegan!
Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm.

Even the 'Hwahae' app, which we see when we are curious about ingredients,
has high satisfaction with ingredients, application, and moisture, and is full of

real reviews from many people.
In addition, Director Pie, which analyzes and introduces products with good ingredients, is also recommended, so it is a moisturizing cream that is already
on the top ranking as a recommended product in LOBS.

Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm, which is convenient to use in tube type, is
Containing green tea extract harvested in Boseong, Jeollanam-do, it delivers full moisture to dry skin.
The more you apply it, the more your skin feels moisturized, and the peptide ingredient boosts moisture + elasticity + protection 4 times or more,
so it strengthens your skin!

Since it is safe to use because it excludes harmful chemical ingredients such as
silicone oil, it is recommended as a sleeping pack by layering several times
when your skin is exceptionally dry or sensitive.

It does not feel sticky or stuffy even when applied thickly.
#Good ingredients #High moisturizing #Non-irritating good moisturizing cream.

It is a recommended moisturizing cream that is famous even by LOBS by balancing all the balance.


The second product recommended by LOBS is Real Barrier Intense Moisture Cream, which is known as a moisture-locking moisture cream.

It can hold moisture and moisture at the same time, and it is said that the moisture barrier is maintained for up to 48 hours.

Real Barrier's independently developed skin barrier technology
MLE® skin barrier formula
Fill in the weakened barrier.
The biggest feature is that you can use only a moisturizing cream.
Firmly fill the skin from the inside
It keeps moisture for up to 48 hours.
It was even proven by clinical tests!

In addition, highly concentrated panthenol and
Madecassoside, Allantoin
It is also said to provide a soothing effect.

The heavy and dense texture provides high moisture to dry skin, so if you need to strengthen the skin barrier,
If you have dry skin
Moisture barrier system Moisture cream recommended product
Buy it at your nearest LOBS!

The fourth product we recommend for LOBS Moisture Cream is of course replenishing moisture even deep into the skin!
It is a Lapoticell amino hyaluronic moisturizing balm that holds all the elasticity of dry and sagging skin.

Lapoticell Amino Hyaluronic Moisturizing Balm is a balm-type solid product containing 100 ppm of 5-fold hyaluronic acid.
It's really perfect for taking care of the rough skin texture due to the mask these days!

It contains 100,000ppm of amino complex composed of 19 kinds of amino acids that help skin collagen production and 20,000ppm of natural Absima to make skin firm and firm!
I recommend Lapoticell Amino Hyaluronic Moisturizing Balm, which can feel the synergy of moisture and elasticity for those who need nourishment for their skin due to dryness and loss of elasticity.

Moisture cream that can't be missed in the skin care stage all year round!
I checked out the LOBS BEST5 moisturizing cream that editors love to visit.

The editor especially wants to recommend Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm.
With natural ingredients, sensitive skin types can use it with confidence, and it is full of moisture but has a refreshing feeling that is not sticky, so it is suitable for all skin types and for all seasons.
Besides, it's a vegan-certified moisturizing cream, and it's even cheaper!

If you are looking for a moisturizing cream, we recommend that you try moisturizing care with Bonajour Green Tea Water Balm as a recommended moisturizing cream that has all the ingredients, cost performance, and product power.