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One-Day One Editor's Real Camera is Back Again, This Time It's Skin Care!
What kind of product is it?
Slowly the autumn wind is blowing, it's getting colder
I prepared a propolis product that reminds me of nutrition and moisturizing when
I think of autumn and winter.
Have you ever wondered which of the many propolis products on the market you brought?
open from now!


Today's real camera is a propolis toner and serum from Bonajour brand,
which is famous for its natural ingredients obtained from nature!
First of all, the ingredients were good, so the sensitive boss editor chose it as a good product.
Thanks to the popularity of the Bonajour Propolis line of serum products, this time,
even a toner!
Since it was released as a new product, the editor quickly used it together ><
Someone who wants to put a jar of honey on their face with the editor~
Let's try it together from now on.

First, I'll introduce the editor's skin type.
I have dry but very sensitive skin.
  Is it very sensitive that comes right up when you use cosmetics that  do not match
the ingredients?

Recently, I used the wrong cosmetic and my skin turned upside down,
so I went to a dermatologist and managed to calm it down.
In fact, if you use the wrong product right now, it could be turned over again..!
(So this time, bonajour with good ingredients
This is the reason why I chose this product.. haha)

The introduction has been way too long!
Now, I will introduce two kinds of Bonajour Propolis,
the main character of today's real camera.
  The price seems to be high because the package is luxurious,
but the price is also good Bonajour.
When I checked the propolis content, the toner was 80% and the serum was 81.5%
Really amazing isn't it?

There are many propolis products, but it seems to have a really high propolis content.

Originally, cosmetics were filled with water that does not contain impurities,
that is, purified water about 70%.
However, both products contain much more content than purified water,
so they are clearly different from other propolis products.
Not only that, it has completed the skin test result of 0.00 non-irritant certification,
so it is OK even if you have sensitive skin.

It's a skin care product, so can't you see the formula?
Do you think it will be incredibly highly concentrated due to the high content of propolis?
No no no no~

When you look at the toner formulation, it has a faint yellowish tint,
but it is also safe because it is a natural extract that does not contain artificial colors.
The texture is as light as water, with little or no viscosity, and the texture is a bit slippery,
but not too heavy.
The freshness itself.

Propolis Serum is also a highly concentrated formulation.
Is there something really refreshing without oily feeling, oily feeling, or stickiness?
It was a product that really changed the editor's idea that propolis would be sticky
because it reminds me of honeycombs and honeycombs.

So, should we check the reviews that the editor used in our daily life?

I have been using the Bonajour Propolis line realistically for 2 weeks.
On the first day, I was impressed by the refreshing feeling and  used
it as a morning and evening skin care item.
When I use it in the morning, it feels like I'm eating well with makeup.
After using it for a week, I could feel my skin changing gradually,
so I used it consistently.

In particular, the Bonajour Propolis Energy Toner seems to be
one stone, two sets, or three sets.

If it's a small tip after using it for 2 weeks!
When you want to wipe off the skin texture, use the wipe, when you need to
replenish moisture, use the brush. On days with severe skin irritation, wet a cotton pad.
I also used it as a toner pack.
It is definitely a mild ingredient, and no matter what function you use,
your skin is very comfortable~

Because it is propolis, it provides rich moisture and nutrition.

Products that seem to be highly concentrated, but are really fresh and moist


First of all, it was very good for the dry editor as it caught the moisturizing feeling!

How was the real camera item of the One Day One editor today?
Are you sensitive and dry these days?
If you are looking for a toner that can be used by anyone because the ingredients are
gentle and does not burn too much for your skin type,
I recommend the cost-effective Ittem Bonajour Propolis Energy Toner.

If you want to give it more moisture,
Try using Bonajour Propolis Serum together.

If you use the two products together, the changing seasons coming soon,
Even at the temperature, it will hold you tight with moisture and nutrition,
so you won't have any problems protecting the skin barrier~
The editor also admitted it.
Recommended as a seasonal item, recommended bang-bang-