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Chuseok, which will be enjoying the autumn sky, has passed and the change of seasons has come.
Everyone has a lot of skin concerns because of the weather like a roller coaster, right?
Especially in weather like this, your skin is extremely dry.
The editor brought propolis ampoule and serum for drier weather.
What kind of products can solve the skin during the change of seasons?
From now on, we will compare and analyze the 3 propolis ampoule, serum together.


These are today’s relief items that will soothe our skin during the rough change of seasons.

When it comes to propolis ampoule, the most famous
SKINFOOD Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence,
CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule and finally,
we have prepared BONAJOUR Propolis Serum,
which is a natural ingredient obtained from nature and can be used with confidence even for sensitive skin.

Then let’s go check the real analysis comparison.

Let’s take a look at the formulation first.

The texture was very tight and sticky in order.
Especially the BONAJOUR Propolis Serum was gel-like and had no flow.
On the other hand, SKINFOOD Propolis Ampoule showed almost skin-like water-like texture.

If you’re looking for a light essence formulation, Choose SKINFOOD Propolis Ampoule.
If you’re looking for a tight texture, choose BONAJOUR Propolis Serum.

Since the ingredients are propolis, it seems to have a strong stickiness.
So I compared the stickiness of Propolis Ampoule Serum.
After applying the propolis ampoule serum on the back of the hand, I found that the SKINFOOD propolis ampoule,
which was the most watery formulation, had the most paper stuck on it.
BONAJOUR Propolis Serum showed the freshest finish,
contrary to the thought that it would be sticky because it is highly concentrated.

Since it’s sticky, we need to check the oil level as well, right?

 Propolis products are full of nutrients, and many people think they are rich and heavy.
Therefore, it is essential to check the oil level.
 When I dropped the ampoule serum directly on the oil paper,
all three propolis products showed just the right amount of oil.

Propolis Ampoule Serum, famous for its rich nutrition and dryness.
 Then after you apply it, you need to compare the moisture level, right?
I applied each product and tested the moisture level after some time.  

As a result, BONAJOUR Propolis Serum wins!
CNP and SKINFOOD Propolis Ampoule showed similar results,
but BONAJOUR showed the most moisture.

Then, ingredients can’t be left out, right?
 As a propolis product, I prepared a propolis content comparison.
 As a result of the confirmation, the SKINFOOD Propolis Ampoule also showed quite high results,
but the perfect victory was the BONAJOUR Propolis Serum. The propolis content is 81.5%!

Isn’t it amazing? The editor was also surprised by the huge propolis content when comparing the ingredients.
Doesn’t this amount mean you’re applying propolis on your face?

However, in addition to the propolis content,
these are good products that are distributed in an appropriate amount considering the combination with other ingredients,
so please refer to them when you purchase them.

Now! The last comparison is the most cost-effectiveness.
When you feel dry like these days, what is a good product to use without worrying about money in your wallet?
BONAJOUR Propolis Serum is the cheapest at 0.18$ per 1ml.
It has the highest propolis content, and it’s amazing how cost-effective it is.

Now on, I found my cosmetic while comparing them.

Based on the comparison so far, the editor has prepared a general review of each product.
(Please refer to it as a subjective review.)
 All three products were good when used as propolis ampoules,
but through comparison, there are slightly different.

CNP, SKINFOOD Propolis Ampoule felt a little sticky.
 However, BONAJOUR is a highly concentrated formulation,
but it has a refreshing and soft texture that will soothe the angry skin.
If you’re worried about dry skin during the change of seasons,
why don’t you overcome it with BONAJOUR Propolis Serum,
which showed the best performance in today’s comparison?
 It’s easy to use as a daily item.
Then I hope you all have moisturized skin along with Propolis Ampoule Serum.